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Self-care & behaviour change


Behaviour science can be used to develop, implement, and evaluate interventions that foster self-care in individuals and groups. These interventions use a systematic and evidence-based approach to map enablers and barriers of behaviour change at the personal, interpersonal, environment, and policy levels.


A classification of motivation and behavior change techniques used in self-determination theory-based interventions in health contexts. 

Teixeira, P. J., Marques, M. M., Silva, M. N., Brunet, J., Duda, J., Haerens, L., La Guardia, J., Lindwall, M., Londsdale, C., Markland, D., Michie, S., Moller, A. C., Ntoumanis, N., Patrick, H., Reeve, J., Ryan, R. M., Sebire, S., Standage, M., Vansteenkinste, M., . . . Hagger, M. S.

This paper describes a classification system of techniques that health care professionals can use to promote their clients’ self-determined motivation for health behaviour change.

 Motivation Science, 2020 6(4), 438 –455. 

Developing Behavior Change Interventions for Self-Management in Chronic Illness: An Integrative Overview.

Araújo-Soares V, Hankonen N, Presseau J, Rodrigues A, Sniehotta FF.

This review examines contemporary approaches to intervention development, suggests new approaches, provides a critical overview of all those approaches, and integrates them into a pragmatic, user-friendly framework to rigorously guide decision-making in behavior change intervention development

Eur Psychol. 2019;24(1):7-25. doi: 10.1027/1016-9040/a000330. Epub 2018 Aug 16. PMID: 31496632; PMCID: PMC6727632.

Strategies for Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle in Clinical Settings: Pillars of Ideal Cardiovascular Health: A Science Advisory From the American Heart Association. 

Kris-Etherton, P. M., Petersen, K. S., Després, J. P., Anderson, C. A. M., Deedwania, P., Furie, K. L., Lear, S., Lichtenstein, A. H., Lobelo, F., Morris, P. B., Sacks, F. M., & Ma, J.

This paper offers advice for clinicians and other health care professionals for strategies that they can use for efficient lifestyle-related behavior change counseling with patients at all levels of cardiovascular disease risk.

Circulation, 2021 144(24), e495–e514. 

The compendium of self-enactable techniques to change and self-manage motivation and behaviour v.1.0. 

Knittle, K., Heino, M., Marques, M. M., Stenius, M., Beattie, M., Ehbrecht, F., Hagger, M. S., Hardeman, W., & Hankonen, N.

This paper describes a compendium of actions that people can themselves undertake to successfully change or self-manage their motivation to achieve behaviour change.

Nature human behaviour, 2020 4(2), 215–223.

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