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Prof Marcelo Demarzo

Subjects: *Promoting wellbeing and wellness; *Complementary/Integrated approaches; *Self-care management of Long Term Illness; *Self-care in Health Service Settings.

A family physician (GP) and researcher, I specialize in Mindfulness and Health Promotion, focusing on Supported Self-Care for Chronic Conditions. As a Visiting Professor in postdoctoral stage at the University of Technology Sydney, I contribute to the Australian Research Consortium in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. My academic tenure includes roles as a Senior Lecturer (Professor) at Escola Paulista de Medicina - UNIFESP, guiding minds in Population Health and Administration of Organizations. My academic roots trace back to FMRP-USP (Universidade de São Paulo), culminating in a Doctorate in Pathology and a postdoctoral specialization in Mindfulness and Mental Health at Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain. Certified in Family, Community Medicine, and Sports Medicine, I collaborate with prestigious universities worldwide, holding Senior Fellow positions at the University of Oxford and ARCCIM since 2012 and 2020, respectively.


My professional journey is of expertise in Preventive, Lifestyle Medicine, and Primary Health Care, with a keen focus on Mindfulness, Health Promotion, Self-Care, and Health Technology Innovation. Leading initiatives like Mente Aberta and Mindfulness Specialization at UNIFESP, I'm an honorary member of esteemed international committees and societies, contributing to the forefront of Behavioral Neuroscience and Lifestyle Medicine. While my research contributions are recognized nationally, my most cherished accomplishment is being a devoted father to my three children.

Prof Marcelo Demarzo
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