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The Self-Care Observatory

The Self-Care Observatory is a reading list and repository of links to critical self-care research selected by experts

The SCO is designed to be EASY to use.

It is curated by experts, fully searchable with links to all listed sources and with regularly updated featured papers.

Contact us if you have an area of self-care expertise and would like to know more  more about assisting existing curators or curating a subject yourself.

Topic curators
(For further details see 'Team')

Dr Peter Smith

Subject: Self-care in the UK. Developer and overall curator

Prof Nikos Ntoumanis

Subject: Self-care & behaviour change

Dr Catherine Jenkins

Subject: Health Literacy

Prof Greg Kawchuk

Subject: Self-care in chronic pain

Dr Austen El-Osta

Subjects: *Self-care measures; *Self-care theory

Prof Marcelo Demarzo

Subjects: *Promoting wellbeing and wellness; *Complementary/Integrated approaches; *Self-care management of Long Term Illness; *Self-care in Health Service Settings.

Gonçalo Sousa Pinto

Subjects: *Self-care (international) *Self-care and pharmacy practice

Prof Jan Hartvigsen

Subject: Self-care in chronic pain

Prof Jon Adams

Subject: *Complementary and Integrative approaches *Self-care in the community

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